The New Look of NOIZ & the Upgrades that Come with It

4 min readNov 22, 2018

NOIZ has undergone some powerful upgrades in the last few months to propel the project forward — beginning with the concepts of all-in-one conversation, Lifestyle Personas and a better social impact strategy, moving into a complete rebranding.

All-in-one Conversation

With conversational marketing being a buzz word of 2018, we have been putting more focus on our cognitive ad, which uses conversational marketing to shorten the standard marketing funnels and customer journeys. NIKOLA, the NOIZ virtual assistant, pairs with ad creative to turn each NOIZ banner ad into a conversation, and where the true power in this lies is through the cognitive ad’s ability to generate conversions and acquisitions within a single conversation, an all-in-one conversation. Additionally, the data that comes from conversation provides brands with greater context into their consumers’ interests, enabling brands to better make marketing decisions.

We are receiving daily inquiries from potential clients asking to try out our cognitive ads, as these brands are still spending their ad budgets on traditional banner ads but are eager to try the latest ad tech to boost their conversion rates and ROIs.

Lifestyle Personas

Another feature of the NOIZ project that is completely new is that of Lifestyle Personas. Lifestyle Persona’s enable people to create, upload, validate and monetize their lifestyle data without having to go through a cognitive ad. This includes clicks, web browser history, interests, preferences, demographic information, etc. When consumers add their lifestyle data to their Lifestyle Personas, they are rewarded in Life Points, which are used to determine the types of rewards consumers can earn when they redeem their NOIZ tokens for special offers.

Lifestyle Personas give control of data back to consumers, acting as a vault of information that brands must be granted permission to view. As a result, brands will know who best to target their ads to because consumers take an active step in allowing these brands to market to them. This is known as hyper-targeting and works in favor of both consumers and advertisers. Consumers see the content they want and advertisers have an even higher ROI.

Social Impact & 17 SDGs

NOIZ has modified the social impact factor of the project ever so slightly to make it more effective. Instead of tokens going directly to social impact organizations after being redeemed for special offers, the tokens will now go into a ‘bucket’ that represents one of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Therefore, we will have 17 donation buckets for each of the 17 SDGs. A limit will be set for each of these buckets and NOIZ tokens will continue to accumulate until the limit is reached. At which time, NOIZ will be working with impact investing firm GoImpact to determine which social impact organizations will receive the tokens. With GoImpact’s expertise in this industry, they will determine how best token donations should be used and by whom.

NOIZ Rebranded

The NOIZ team has been hard at work creating a new brand strategy that better highlights the core features of the NOIZ project.

To start, the NOIZ logo has been updated from the NOIZ token icon to blockchain chat bubbles. They are considered “blockchain” chat bubbles because of the pentagonal, cube like shape they hold. This highlights the conversational marketing feature that NOIZ is using within its cognitive ads and the NOIZ wallet. Every conversation a user has with NIKOLA will be hashed onto the NOIZ blockchain network, where it will be secure and monetizable.

Our company slogan has also changed to Reward Your Lifestyle. The meaning behind this slogan is tied into NOIZ consumers’ abilities to monetize their lifestyle data. It also refers to consumers being able to redeem their NOIZ tokens for special offers, like airline rewards points. With this change, NOIZ is making it clear that consumers will be able to earn rewards for the information stored in their Lifestyle Personas.

The color scheme of the NOIZ project has also been upgraded to have a more soothing feel to the platform. We’ve moved away from the dark blues and oranges to light greens and blues. We believe this will help to make people more comfortable when using the NOIZ platform.

The New Site

We are very excited to roll out our new website, reflecting all of the changes described above, so please take a look and let us know what you think in the comments below.




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