I. Introduction

Goal of this Document

The goal of this document is to describe a system architecture that allows the implementation of a system similar to ERC-721 (NFT) artwork in BEAM Wallet on the NOIZ blockchain.

There is a lot of confusion on the market as to what exactly NFTs are, and a lot of confusion on the technical side of things as to why the market would choose to implement artwork ownership this way. As a result, we will start with a short primer on the current state of the market.

What is fungibility?

To say that two things are fungible…

Though the benefits of the internet are endless, the many disadvantages cannot be overlooked. One such drawback that is constantly on the rise is online advertisement frauds; it has slowly been turned into a million-dollar business. This is where NOIZ, a communication, and marketing technology platform with its AI + blockchain communication, has been of undeniable help for all types of digital users; whether it be the brands or consumers. They have taken it upon themselves to build a backup system that protects the highly valuable personal data of internet users. …

NOIZChain (NOIZ), a disruptive company revolutionising the eCommerce, Payment and Advertising industries. Today, NOIZ is revolutionising the eCommerce industry, allowing businesses to run an eCommerce Popup store without building any kind of eCommerce site. Anyone with a product or service, can create a “Popup eCommerce Store” and distribute its Point of Sales across the entire global Ad network. This could lower risk on investment and paying on-line easier as retailers look to increase efficiencies in an uncertain time

From layoffs to shutdown, today’s uncertain environment has only exacerbated struggles across physical retail. With NOIZ’s Popup eCommerce Store, it helps streamline…


Maintaining a work-life balance has turned out to be more strenuous than before due to the recent global pandemic. So people tend to rely more on virtual and digital resources, to work from home using online platforms. In that stance, NOIZ has created a platform that facilitates its users with AI + blockchain communication that provides a wonderful experience to the users and advertisers in terms of online marketing. Their primary goal is to make communication easier between the brands and the consumers. In return users will be rewarded in tokens the more interaction they have with brands, these tokens…

The NOIZ team partnered up with Hong Kong based coworking space and incubation hub CoCoon Friday, August 23rd, 2019.

CoCoon is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals, and as part of this dedication, they have an entrepreneur program set up for students and recent graduates to learn from a variety of companies about the BIG ideas of the future.

NOIZ was lucky enough to be invited to the stage to discuss one of these BIG ideas.

It was the decision of NOIZ Marketing Technologist Connor Doyle to cover the topic of Personalization. …


-Step 1: Create account / log in on BitForex

-Step 2: Go to your account “identity Authentication” & fill in the KYC

-Step 3: After KYC is confirmed you can purchase using either of the 2 methods below.
-Method 1: go to the BitForex homepage and click the NOIZ banner, Click the BUY NOIZ button on that one-pager

-Method 2: directly search NOIZ/BTC on the trading page

-Step 4: If KYC is not yet confirmed verify using these two methods
-Method 1: go to the BitForex homepage and click “customer service”

  • Method 2: asking admin on the telegram group channel…

TL;DR: NOIZ is scaling through Communication and Customization

Futuristic tech, like the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual assistants and autonomous vehicles, is becoming more mainstream with each passing year.

At the same time, people’s expectations of technology are raised. Consumers want their lives connected, but private. They want to be able to make purchases online and have the goods delivered in the same day.

For all of this to be possible, a lot needs to happen behind the scenes, and blockchain is one behind-the-scenes tool helping tech developers raise the standards.

People are still uncertain how widely used blockchain protocols…

“Clicks feed algorithms and algorithms dictate what is shown. This is how click clusters and information bubbles are created.”

An important message our Marketing Technologist Connor shared at our April Meetup. As technology evolves, people need to be more aware of how their data is tracked and used. They need to be wary of the digital footprint they leave behind.

What are click clusters?

Let’s begin by breaking down what is meant by a click, a cluster, and a click cluster. A click occurs every time a user selects an option, every time a user visits a page and every…

Blockchain projects love to boast about the accomplishments and skill sets of their advisors, but what is more important than boasting is actually engaging with advisors and listening to their advice, go figure.

The NOIZ project is lucky enough to have an amazing roster of superstar advisors, and usually, we meet with them on a one-to-one basis. However, this past Saturday, January 12th, 2019, we got together with a handful of our advisors to listen, share and bounce ideas back and forth in the first ever NOIZ Advisor Assembly.

The experiences our advisors have undergone in their illustrious careers have…

NOIZ has undergone some powerful upgrades in the last few months to propel the project forward — beginning with the concepts of all-in-one conversation, Lifestyle Personas and a better social impact strategy, moving into a complete rebranding.

All-in-one Conversation

With conversational marketing being a buzz word of 2018, we have been putting more focus on our cognitive ad, which uses conversational marketing to shorten the standard marketing funnels and customer journeys. NIKOLA, the NOIZ virtual assistant, pairs with ad creative to turn each NOIZ banner ad into a conversation, and where the true power in this lies is through the cognitive ad’s…


NOIZ is an AI+blockchain ad network providing transparent data to all parties, ensuring optimized user experience & empowering social impact campaigns.

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